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Ready for the Future with a Small Rebrand

We're thrilled to announce a small yet significant rebranding of our accounting business. As we look towards the future, we have made strategic changes to position ourselves for continued growth and success. Formerly known as Cheesman Applegarth & Partners, we have streamlined our identity to Cheesman Applegarth. This rebranding includes an updated logo, a new website, refreshed signage, and a fresh exterior look for our building.

The transition from Cheesman Applegarth & Partners to Cheesman Applegarth signifies our readiness to adapt and evolve in an ever-changing business landscape. By simplifying our name, we aim to convey our commitment to providing exceptional accounting and financial planning while embracing the future.

While retaining the familiar Cheesman Applegarth name, the logo has been refined to reflect our vision for the future of our business. It represents our dedication to staying current and relevant in an increasingly digital and dynamic marketplace.

Alongside our rebranding efforts, we are proud to unveil our new website, which showcases our services. With a fresh, user-friendly design, we have created an online platform that enhances accessibility and engagement for both existing and potential clients.

To align our physical presence with our redefined identity, we have refreshed our signage and given our building's exterior a revitalized look. These updates create a more visually appealing and professional atmosphere, symbolizing our commitment to providing a welcoming experience for our clients.

With this small rebranding, Cheesman Applegarth is ready for the future. We remain dedicated to delivering outstanding accounting services, tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients. The updated logo, modern website, refreshed signage, and renewed building exterior all reflect our commitment to adapt, grow, and thrive in the years ahead.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Cheesman Applegarth. We are excited to embark on this new chapter and look forward to serving you with excellence as we embrace the future together.

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