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We have an amazing team of professionals and a wide range of clients in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs, Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coasts, South East Queensland Regional, Western Corridor, Northern New South Wales and further afield.


We commit to a high level of professional development, to ensure we are up to date with tax law changes and keep at the forefront of our industry, providing our clients with relevant business advice.


The regulations and requirements as set down by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) are extremely complex for business and as a result can be confusing for business owners. They are also constantly changing, so keeping up to date and compliant with them is essential for both us and for our clients.


Our team are highly trained experts who focus on providing options to provide best outcomes. They can also attend your annual review to discuss your lending requirements with your bank if required.

Types of taxation services we offer:


  • Compliance Reporting Services

    • Income Tax Returns

    • Business Activity Statements

    • Fringe Benefit Tax Returns

    • Financial Statements

    • QBCC Reporting Assistance

    • Taxation Planning Services

  • Income Tax

    • Capital Gains Tax

    • GST

    • Fringe Benefits Tax

    • Payroll Tax

    • Land Tax


Cash flow projections are an essential element of cash flow management. By preparing a cash flow projection you can also gain greater knowledge and confidence in businesses processes. Without cash flow, your businesses may struggle to pay debts and ultimately fail to provide for your life goals.


We provide all the coaching you could ask for, either privately or with a team and we’ll monitor your progress to make sure you have full understanding.


A critical element of controlling the growth of your business is to set clear and concise targets and to monitor your progress against them. We will help you identify and set these targets and assist you to develop and implement strategies which focus on the improvement of your business’s financial performance. We will provide you with the information and know-how to successfully monitor and improve the financial performance of your business.


Our methods will also prepare for potential cash shortages by:

  • Maintaining adequate cash reserves to pay bills

  • Expand the business and make capital improvements

  • Reduce interest costs through managing borrowing

  • Increase interest income by shifting funds into higher-interest accounts

  • Receive discounts through bulk purchasing

  • Improve relations with the bank


We can even help you create a personal plan to ensure that you enjoy a balanced lifestyle.


Cheesman Applegarth Accountants have the know-how to help you increase and protect the value of your business. We possess the business acumen to help you make the right choices, tailored to suit your business.


We can help you and your staff to make the most of your time, whilst reducing stress levels. Our team will ensure that your business meets all legal requirements and regulations in regard to how you manage your finances, staff and clients.

We will work with you in the area of profit improvement to continuously monitor and measure the drivers that impact on your profit. You need to create a picture of how that will work by improving business performance in:


  • Strategy development and action

  • Profitability analysis and improvement

  • Operational planning

  • Financial budgeting and modelling

  • Change management and continuous improvement

  • KPI and trend analysis

  • Business process improvement


We encourage you to see us in person to talk with one of our dedicated specialists. This is your opportunity to make the best choices to save you time and money.


For your peace of mind, whether in business or concerned about your personal affairs, Cheesman Applegarth Accountants can provide the confidence to know how your finances are shaping up.


Our confidential services will:

  • Check and review your financial information

  • Review your bank statements

  • Review your profit and loss

  • Review your debts

  • Help you decide if you can consolidate or reduce your debt

  • Help with research for a better rate

  • Review your current debtors and general situation

  • Focus on some KPIs and financial ratios, including liquidity and solvency ratios

  • Encourage you to review your situation on a weekly basis


We can assist you to meet all legal requirements and regulations in regard to how you manage your finances, staff and clients.


Seeking our expert advice will reduce the risks and stress as you become better informed.


If you are in any doubt as to your financial situation, we can help you find better financial practices to improve the performance of your business. Contact our office by telephone or email and come and see us for a private appointment.


Due diligence is the analysis of financial information so that a particular set of questions about a business can be understood. Due diligence is usually a process by which we gain an understanding of the financial information presented to us, and use that understanding to prove various aspects of the business.


Due diligence is usually combined with a business valuation. In this combination we use the financial statements, business activity statements, leases, and any other financial information to analyse the correct value for the business.

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