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Congratulations to Jonathan Mattock on Becoming a Licensed Financial Planner

Cheesman Applegarth is proud to announce a significant milestone in the career of one of our own, Jonathan Mattock, who has recently qualified as a licensed Financial Planner.  This achievement marks not just a personal triumph for Jonathan but also a reaffirmation of our firm's commitment to professional excellence and client-first service.


Jonathan's path to becoming a licensed Financial Planner is a story of dedication, perseverance, and exceptional skill. It began with his impressive educational background, holding a Bachelor of Laws (with Honours) and a Bachelor of Business. Jonathan's journey with Cheesman Applegarth started in 2020.


Throughout his time with us, Jonathan has demonstrated fantastic work ethic, a desire to continue learning and he places client needs at the forefront.  His achieved the designation of Provisional Financial Planner in 2022. Which qualified him to start his "Professional Year"; which is the legal name for legislated process to move from being a Provisional Financial Planner to  becoming a licensed Financial Planner.  The "Professional Year" requiring further structured education and consistent demonstration of work competency, which is audited quarterly by an Australian Financial Services (APS) Licensee.


The Professional Year is a misnomer, as the road to qualification demands years of experience and dedication.  Jonathan's journey was marked by continuous learning, including completing a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, passing the stringent ASIC Financial Planner exam, and now nearing completion of his Master of Financial Planning degree.


Jonathan's story is more than a series of achievements. It is a narrative of passion for the Financial Planning profession and a relentless drive to add value for our clients with integrity, insight, and the highest levels of service. His analytical skill and personable approach have made him a valuable asset to both our team and the clients we serve.


At Cheesman Applegarth, we are not just celebrating Jonathan's licensure but the values he embodies: dedication to professional growth, commitment to excellence, and a client-centric approach to Financial Planning.  

We are honoured that Jonathan chose to embark on this significant phase of his professional journey with us and look forward to supporting his continued contributions to our firm and the clients who trust us with their financial futures.


Join us in congratulating Jonathan Mattock on his remarkable achievements. His journey is a shining example of what is possible when talent is matched with dedication and supported by a firm that believes in nurturing and recognizing the potential of its people.

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