• Brett Moseling

Toowoomba Hospice Donation

Each Friday we don our Cheesman Appelgarth polo shirts and contribute a gold coin to a kitty and when it reaches $150 we donate it to a local charity. This time we have been able to donate $150.00 to allow the Toowoomba Hospice which will help them continue the great work they do providing free palliative care to the terminally ill. 2020 has been particularly tough on fundraising for Toowoomba Hospice.

The Toowoomba Hospice is a community based private healthcare facility which provides free palliative care to the terminally ill (18 years and older). Their facility has been designed to provide patients with a family friendly "home like" environment during the final phase of their life (within their last 3 months of their life).

Their management and staff uphold the community's respect for the sacredness of human life, and the right for vulnerable people to receive professional care and support when they most need it.

They are currently raising money towards Solar Panels. Solar Energy will allow the Toowoomba Hospice to reduce their carbon footprint and do their part for our planet. It will also ensure savings received from having solar panels can be redistributed back into their service.

For more information about the Toowoomba Hospice to

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